The old machine shop is on the back left in this old photo of the rail yard.  The depot still stands, and is now the American Legion.

The PACC is available to rent for private functions. See "Get Involved".


The Phillips Area Community Center, also known as PACC, hosts music, meetings, potluck suppers, and all kinds of events for children and adults of the community. The hall boasts a stage with two dressing rooms at one end, a large auditorium-type room with great acoustics, a small kitchen and two restrooms (one handicap accessible), plenty of natural light through the walls of windows, and a large parking area.

The PACC operates as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization for charitable and educational purposes, and is administered by a board of directors. Current board members are:  

Chair - Larry Pinkham 

Vice-Chair - Bruce Godin

Secretary - Paula Kane

Treasurer - Winona Davenport

Other Board Members - Sandra Curtis, Rick DeBruin, Brian Donovan, Vicki Elwell, Sheila Jalbert, Diana McCall, Steve Mitchell

The building began as the machine shop for the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad, with the depot just across the way, and the round house next door. Tracks ran through the building. If you look above our windows inside, you'll see the old tracks used as headers.

Eventually, the railroad closed down, and the building became a gymnasium for the Phillips School (now the Library on Main Street). You'll note the lines for the basketball court on our wood floors, and backstage you'll find graffiti from the old high school plays. The building was the site of many dances, plays, games ... and memories.

When the new high school was built, the building stood empty until a group of community members resurrected it as a teen center, called "The Zone". When that came to an end, the building became a community center, and continues in that life today.